Henderson Art Install November 8, 2009 , Dallas, Texas                                                          


metal art

Going to work
Falling ibeams in the raw
disassemble to paint
and install
Using an enamel spray
It will take a week applying multiple coats
Ready to paint
The base
rolled into place using a bar
Anchors are secured into the concrete
Each anchor is 6 inches deep
dust and residue
Tightly secured
A mini vacuum keep the site clean
Removing debris out of anchor hole
Second section is placed
Around 7:30 am
Henderson & Capital Street
The top level is secured
Bolts are tightened
An engine hoist is used as a low-tech lift device
Ready for touch up paint
Bolts are painted
and a few spots get another coat
Anchor bolts get a coat of red
keeping the color on the sculpture and not everything else...
I did that!
This car was left overnight in the parking lot..
That should mess with their mind after a night of drinking and a sculpture appears.
That's all I've got.
My mentor
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